Polypropylene waterproof tool chest with extractable, removable drawers, the ideal scalable solution for transporting and protecting tools, parts and components within a ruggedized waterproof trolley case with a robust rear trolley handle and silent wheels.
Internally provided with 1 drawer 1.2″ deep, 2 drawers 2.4″ deep and 1 drawer 3.7″ deep, all drawers are empty and have the same rectangular shape internal dimension of 18.4″ x 10.04″; an upper removable tray with collapsible side handles is also provided.
Comes with four wheels and extractable handle in the rear, two side handles allowing the chest to be carried by four men.
Various padlock points allow the tool-chest to be secured with one or more padlocks or seals.

Tested and certified according to MIL STAN


Black Colour.

Outer dimensions: L 22 7/8″ W: 15″ D: 17 15/16

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